Downloading Linagora Software

Hello! It is always great to know you are interested in the software we develop!

We also really like knowing why people are using our software, so that we can continue making software that matter to you! But since we have absolutley no use-tracking built into our software, we can only collect information about how our community uses our software through our forums and surveys like below.

If you are downloading oursoftware, can you please fill out these few simple questions so we can continue doing great things!

The information is for internal purposes only.

There are 3 questions in this survey.

In which country are you located?
Do you plan to use this software for personal use, professional use, or both?
Personal Use
Professional Use
No answer
Why are you downloading LINAGORA software?
Just trying it out
Open Source
Like the features
It is free
Trust the developer company
 You can select more than one and also add your own.